• I, Of Helix Tour Van Fundraiser.

    Pirate Entertainment & BLAK SKVL put on a FREE Anaheim House of Blues Show to support I, Of Helix & help them raise money for a tour van. It's been amazing working with both Pirate & BLAK SKVL. They put on the BEST shows. It was 18+ so not everyone could come out, but there were so many people that showed up, it was insane! 

    I got 239 pictures from the show. That's the most pictures i've taken at a show in a long time!! The line-up was amazing & i was excited to shoot all the bands! FULL GALLERY.

    The night started off with the guys in Anomalies, i've shot their set a couple of times before & i really like their sound. They were heavy & full of energy the entire set.

    Ulisses Huerta of Anomalies

    Lucas Sabatte of Anomalies

    Ivan Carrano of Anomalies

    Kenny Mcwreath of Anomalies

    Alec Dibell of Anomalies

    Next up was We, As Vessels. This 5 piece Post-hardcore band do not shy away from giving it their all. Even though no one knew who they were or their lyrics they didn't care. It was all about having a good time. 

    Ryan Lowery of We, As Vessels

    Max Voettiner of We, As Vessels

    Jeremy Cozort of We, As Vessels

    Justin Potts of We, AsVessels

    I've shot Lions Amongst Wolves a couple times before, it's been almost a year since i had seen/shoot them so i was hoping that they had something cool in store for me. They had their original lineup from when i first saw them so that was awesome to see!

    Mark Banda of Lions Amongst Wolves

    Eroik Estrada of Lions Amongst Wolves

    Johnny Moore of Lions Amongst Wolves

    Bennie Lovato of Lions Amongst Wolves

    Arley Gallardo of Lions Amongst Wolves

    The amount of times i've seen my friends in On The Shoulders of Atlas is crazy, because every single time they blow me away. I'm not sure how they do it, i can't help but get lost in their music. They really know how to put on a great show! 

    Ryan Halvaks of On The Shoulders of Atlas

    Jordi Tell of On The Shoulders of Atlas

    Minju Bum of On The Shoulders of Atlas

    Jordan Garza of On The Shoulders of Atlas

    I've never seen Silent Planet live, but minutes before their set a fellow photographer had told me that they were 'chaotic' i had NO idea what i was getting myself into. As soon as the curtain opened, they went wild. I was excited to get a lot of pictures out of these guys!

    Garrett Russell of Silent Planet

    Spencer Keene of Silent Planet

    Garrett Lemster of Silent Planet

    Thomas Freckleton of Silent Planet

    Ryan Whittington of Silent Planet

    Last but not least, the whole reason this show happened - I, Of Helix. If you don't know who they are you need to stop reading this & listen to them right now! They're an amazing group of guys who have gone through so much to get where they are. They are in need of a tour van so if you can donate any amount of money they would truly appreciate it.

    Nate Mead of I, Of Helix

    Isaiah Pritchard of I, Of Helix

    Ramone Valerio of I, Of Helix

    Mason Brammer of I, Of Helix